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Strange Cities Productions: http://www.strangecities.net Copyright Tatiana Pentes & Geoffrey Weary 2020. Geoffrey Weary’s collaboration with Tatiana Pentes produced the AMY (AIMIA) & ATOM award-winning digital media work ‘Strange Cities’ and the online documentary, ‘Blackbox’ strangecities.net. He recently completed three digital film projects funded through Screen Australia (AFC). Of these, ‘Captive’ was shortlisted for the Harries National Digital Art Award and included in a selection of films that were screened at the Beijing Film Academy. ‘Scenes From a Shanghai Hotel’ received an Honorable Mention at the Festival of Cinema and Technology in Los Angeles and ‘My Mother Told Me’ has been selected for inclusion on the Australian Screen Online website hosted by the Australian National Film & Sound Archive (NFSA). Weary has produced, written and directed a wide variety of digital film and video works. His film and video works have been frequently selected for inclusion in international film festivals and he has also exhibited in private and public galleries and museums. Some significant juried festivals include the Melbourne International Film Festival, Festival Internacional de Arte Electronica (Sao Paulo, Brazil), Revelation Perth International Film Festival, the Golden Gate International Festival of Documentary and Fiction Film (San Francisco, US), Festival du Cinema de Bruxelles (Belgium) and Highly Commended, Best Experimental Film, Festival of Cinema and Technology (Los Angeles, USA).

Tatiana has over a decade professional experience in the media space. Tatiana holds a Doctor of Creative Arts (digital media) Communications, (Recommendation 1) University of Technology, Sydney (2006). Posts include Commications Manager, National Trust of Australia (NSW), 2020, Communications Specialist, Dept. Finance Services & Innovation (2019), Digital Communications Lead, ACS (2018), Digital Communications Lead, SSI, (2017), Lecturer/ Researcher (Sessional) Communications, University of Technology, Sydney, (1999 – 2017), Leader, Digital Communications, Cancer Australia (Federal Government), 2016, Digital Producer, ADCORP, Administrator, (2014-16), Administrator, Australian Geographic, Bauer Media (2014) – Online & Social Media (AGS Awards), Online Producer, Geoffrey Weary’s HOME iPad APP, University of Sydney (2014), eMarketing Specialist, Tupperware Brands Corp (2013), Online Manager, Sydney Film Festival (2012), Digital Design , Art Direction & Editor @ CHINA HEART dLux media arts, iPhone / iPad/Android app & website with Powerhouse Museum, Gallery 4A, & The Project Factory, writer/director Annette Shun Wah (2011) & Multimedia Director, The Menorah of Fang Bang Lu online project with Prof Andrew Jakubowicz, Trans/forming Cultures UTS (2001-2005). She managed Musica Viva Australia online (2009 – 2011) under Artistic Director Carl Vine, with Deepend agency. Her digital work has been exhibited inter/nationally at film & media festivals in the US, China, France, Italy, Greece, Australia, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, and Russia. She has taught in a training, undergraduate & postgraduate level, serving as Academic Coordinator, SAE Institute (Sydney 2006-09). Tatiana’s research published as books (2009) BLACK BOX, CRUEL BEAUTY, VDM Verlag Press, Germany & digital press STRANGE CITIES (2000), with Screen Australia (AFC) & API Network: Backburning: Journal of Australian Studies.

6 thoughts on “ABOUT:: Tatiana Pentes :: Geoffrey Weary”

  1. Hi Tatiana

    I came across your very interesting blog while researching White Russian emigres in China. I have a similar background to yours except that my parents lived in Hong Kong till my father retired in the mid-70s.

    He was also a musician in Shanghai, Harbin, etc, and I’m sure would have known your grandfather but, as both my parents are no longer with us, I can’t ask. However I did find a document from St Nicholas Church in Shanghai about my father dated 1933 which has Victor Romanoff and Boris Ermoliaeff as witnesses.

    I was just wondering if Boris was a brother or cousin to your grandfather?



    1. Hi Nona! Thank you for making contact. Yes Andrew Field is a close colleague 7 friend of mine. I gave him permission to profile Sergei Ermolaeff (Serge Ermoll Snr) in his book – which is an invaluable legacy. I am definitely a big fan. Regarding the FB page this is excellent & I have requested to join group. Please stay in touch. Best Tatiana x

  2. Hi Tatiana,

    Your website is fascinating! In your Jazz research in Shanghai, did you come across any photos or information about African American Jazz performers? I’m trying to find photos and documents about African Americans in Shanghai. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Yvonne

    1. Hi Yvonne

      Thank you for your comments (!) It is always good to get feedback. What is your research project.
      I have some references to Buck Clayton – but no original material unfortunately. Have you got a blog/website ? Best Wishes Tatiana

  3. Tatiana … I contacted you a while ago about Boris Ermoliaeff, who knew my father. I was just trying to find out if I could find more information about the nightclubs in Shanghai in the 1930s and found this book on Google Books “Shanghai’s dancing world: cabaret culture and urban politics, 1919-1954” by Andrew Field.

    I was hunting through the text when I found a reference to your grandfather on page 103


    I hope you can see the link properly 🙂

    By the way, *if* you are interested, an old HK friend of mine has started a Facebook group called “Family and Friends from Shanghai and Hong Kong” and I am putting some pictures up of my parents from the 1930s there, including some of my father in his orchestra.




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